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 brass neutral link

We are jamnagar based manufacturers and suppliers of Brass Neutral links and Brass Neutral bars of high quality. Our products are manufactured with high precision and we use top quality fasteners and hardware to churn out perfect assembly of Brass Neutral links. We offer Brass neutral bars and earth bars neutral links to various electrical industries like switchgears control gears telecom distribution panels electrical enclosures etc . Our customers are located in 27 countries around the world and appreciate our quality of Brass Neutral links terminal blocks terminal bars since decades.


brass_neutral_links_india material : CDA 360 Brass CZ 121 Copper

brass_neutral_links_india Threads : metric and BSW

brass_neutral_links_india Screws : Slotted, Phillips head and combination head

brass_neutral_links_india Length : upto 1 meter

brass_neutral_links_india features of Brass Neutral Links :

  • Wear resistant 
  • High conductivity
  • Go and not go thread maintained screws including Break screws to prevent loosening in transit
  • Durability and dimensional accuracy


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